What you think you knew.. You really don’t. #mindyourownshit

Sweats r life


People in new york find the need to always be busy, or rushing somewhere.. Sometimes never giving themselves time to enjoy some peace. They let weeks and weeks flash by. There’s the mentality that “strong” people are the only people to survive in New York. I completely disagree. There’s people who’d choose a more laid back place to live, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less stronger than someone in new york. Honestly, we shouldn’t be living our lives so rapidly. I know so many people living their lives with no rest & unhappy, but would advertise their lives so greatly. And those same people would turn back around from the public & could think about how miserable they are. #stop&smelltheroses


Thursdays I don’t need to wear black yayyy no work ☺️

Survived my first fashion week experience with lovely @soph_scarmazzi πŸ’• #dressers #racksonracks



Got to be a dresser at a fashion show for New York fashion week #NYFW 😊


Dis for me doeπŸ†

My film class got moved to a new “movie friendly” classroom…. Aka a mini movie theater (at Fred P. Pomerantz Art & Design Center)


Shit just got real (at Fashion Institute of Technology)